Keep the Green Clean

Keep the Green Clean
Keep the Green Clean

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Tree Planting...

A very big
to everyone who came along
to help plant the new saplings
which were given to us by
The Woodland Trust.

Despite the grey weather,
and the fact it was Easter weekend,
it was a great turn-out.
So good to see so many
local people getting involved.

Another big THANK YOU 
to the anonymous donor
who paid for the tree protectors 
and canes.

This little copse is adjacent
to Ghost Wood and will
enhance the local area
by adding some colour,
and it will encourage
birds and wildlife.

It will also provide
a shady area for families
to enjoy picnics,
while still allowing 
plenty of green space
for children to run around on.

The project has the backing of
Colchester Borough Council
and local Counsellors.

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