Keep the Green Clean

Keep the Green Clean
Keep the Green Clean

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Buttercups and Daisies...

It's a slightly clammy Bank Holiday Sunday, but nonetheless I ventured up to 
Greenstead Slopes and Ghost Woods for a look at the rather lovely display of 
buttercups (and daises).

It's remarkable what a few days rain can do, 
and the undergrowth has really shot up. 
The nettles and sheep's parsley are particularly tall right now.

The slopes really are now looking like a proper 'meadow', bringing back all manner 
of happy childhood memories. It's very important that children these days have the 
same opportunities to enjoy the simple things in life such as making daisy chains, 
having family picnics and generally having a wonderful time outdoors.

This can ONLY be achieved by making sure that Greenstead Slopes and Ghost Woods 
remain free from the health and safety hazards that litter and dog fouling create.

As you probably know by now, the Keep the Green Clean project was recently given two 
Community Awards. These awards were not given to any individual or group of specific 
people; they are for EVERYONE in the community who puts their litter in the bins 
provided and who pick up after their pets.

(Our posh new litter bin!)

That's a big THANK YOU to him, to her, to them to us......and to YOU!!

Lets now build on that success and all pull together to help to make 
Greenstead Slopes and Ghost Woods even better!!

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