Keep the Green Clean

Keep the Green Clean
Keep the Green Clean

Sunday, 1 March 2015

White Rabbits...

Well, actually I've never seen any evidence of rabbits on the slopes or in the woods; white or otherwise; but it IS the first of March...

The sun is shining and it does look like spring has sprung. There's quite a lot of new green shoots poking through the leaf litter throughout the woods, although at the moment it's hard to identify what these will turn out to be.

The 'Wombles' have been busy as usual and the slopes do look nice and tidy. Lets now try to keep it that way! There's still a few piles of 'doggie doings' so if anyone witnesses irresponsible pet owners allowing their pets to foul the green spaces and/or woods them please report it asap, giving as much detail as you can about the person/people, dog/s, time of day and where the incident occurred.

There's an anonymous online form here:

Or you can email:
(We will not pass your information on to anyone else).

Several areas of the slopes are much boggier than they first appear, so please be careful out walking (or wear wellies).

The trees still look a little bare without their leaves, but it does give you the opportunity to have a good look at all the twisty shapes of the branches.

It may seem that the area is devoid of colour (other than green and brown) but if you take a moment to look down you'll find a few hidden gems.

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